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Best of the best. Data recovery and many other magical things happen here. Jessa and her crew are simply, the best of the best."
Brian M. Sioux City, IA


"Amazing service! I sent in my iPhone 6 for repairs and it was fixed within 2 days of receiving it. They even checked all the functions of the iPhone to ensure all features were fully functional.  I received an update and suggestions of what I should to keep from this issues from reoccurring.  Paid the invoice and they sent my phone back the next day. You can't ask for better service...especially for they type of repair I needed for the phone. Most phone repair places will not touch the touch IC chip.

Thanks iPad Rehab!"

William S. Sierra Vista, AZ



"Incredible. My iphone SE was in a toilet for about 1.5+hours. It would not turn on. I had zero hope of getting anything back. These people got all my photos back, and more! They were able to recover all data on the phone, and get this: the phone even works again, perfectly. Unbelievable. Exceeded my expectations, by far.

I was hesitant about trying it, worried I'd pay a big bill with possibly no recovery. But they said it didn't work that way. They said zero recovery = zero bill. So glad I tried it.

Thanks a million, iPad Rehab. Will send everyone I can your way..."

Jennifer C. Burlingame, CA



"Imagine you've stupidly not backed up your family photos on your phone for 2 years including a Disney trip etc.  Then imagine that your phone went in the pool and was toast.  That happened to me and I took the phone to 3 local places to see if they could get the pictures.  None could but they were not data recovery experts and can only get pictures if they can get the phone to turn on.  Ipad Rehab can (and did!) get your data without needing to get the phone to a working state.  They saved the day and the cost was less than half other data recovery places I initially found.  The average person is not going to be able afford those other places but Ipad Rehab was **affordable**.  Thank you guys!"

R.N. Roundrock, TX



This is my second time dealing with Ipad Rehab and I recommend them to everyone I know. They are absolutely amazing to deal with. They repaired my Iphone 6 plus for touch disease in 2016 quickly and perfectly. When I started having problems again and told them I was sending it in for repair (months after the warranty had expired) they told me to send it in and they would take care of it under warranty. 
 This is what all small businesses should aspire to be. Highly skilled experts in their field and exceptional customer service. Thank you so much to everyone at Ipad Rehab!

Patricia M.  Brick, NJ


Mike T.

"thank you so much you have made this mans day! He is an elderly veteran that is  suffering from terminal cancer he lost his house in a fire and lost his son this year... our company is paying for his repair to help him out I let him know that you were able to repair his phone and he got a big smile on his face ...thank you so much."

 Mark H.

"I had iphone 5 Pry Damage, I sent it in not sure if the reviews I read on here were bogus but I am telling you from personal experience that this organization takes their job seriously and goes out of their way to satisfy there customers. I sent my phone in, about 3 days later I had their invoice in my Paypal. I paid it, and the phone arrived a few days later. They provided a cable I was missing as well as some screws... IPhone left here with no home or power button working and came back fully operational!!! Couldn't be happier!!!"

 Adrienne M.

"So grateful for this service! I'll be posting a review as well but I am so excited to have my phone's home and power button working and safely stored back in it's mom case. Thank you, Jessa!!!! Now I will be able to take a decent picture when I have sweet baby #2 in 2 weeks-ish!!! YAY!"

Rick S.

"amazing experience, my phone feels like new. definitely would reccomend to anyone!!"